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Tessa Zompanis and Mariya Shavulskiy both have over 10 years of medical and mental health experience Tessa and Maria both started their careers in soho nyc so they had the idea to start their shared practice there. As well they experience the same problems with trying to provide thorough care to their patients. They found patients were often coming to them with side effects, polypharmacy, ineffective medications, long wait times, inability to find providers, or feeling overall lost in the health care system. Tessa and Maria also felt lost on how to change things. Which brought them to the same vision, and this is how they came up with the treatment model of SOHO Psychiatry. The goal of Soho Psychiatry is to provide ease of access and personalized thorough care with a team approach.

Soho Psychiatry can help change lives of people who are suffering with undiagnosed or untreated ADHD in a meaningful way by taking the stress out of trying to find treatment. People are able to receive a consultation, diagnosis and personalized treatment plan without ever leaving home. Our vision is to educate and evaluate our clients for ADHD which is often overlooked, misdiagnosed or left untreated for many years and empower everyone to reach their full potential.
 Studies show that medications work very well for the treatment of ADHD. They’re safe when administered by a mental health expert and are the most common first-line treatments recommended in research studies.

Soho psychiatry focuses on personalized medication management. What this means is we will craft a treatment plan that tackles your symptoms, any side effects, and adjust the dosage until you are feeling better. We can also recommend supplements that can hone your focus, stave off any side effects, and help you recover.

Currently we do not offer therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) at soho psychiatry but If you are looking for therapy we do offer referrals of therapist we work closely with.


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