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Tessa Zompanis and Mariya Shavulskiy have over 10 years of medical and mental health experience each. Coincidentally, they started their careers in Soho NYC which gave them the idea to start their shared vision. They experience the same issues with trying to provide thorough care to their patients. All too often, they found patients were coming to them with side effects, polypharmacy, ineffective medications, long wait times, inability to find providers, or feeling overall lost in the health care system. Tessa and Mariya also felt lost on how to change things. This brought them to come together with a shared vision and create the treatment model of Soho Psychiatry. Our goal is to provide ease of access and personalized thorough care with a team approach. The aim of Soho psychiatry is to provide high quality, expert psychopharmacological treatments for our patients, combined with supportive and structured supportive counseling and coaching. This overall aim helps our patients to develop a more positive, forward-thinking way of life, and improves existing communication and coping skills along the way.

Soho psychiatry focuses on personalized medication management and ease of access to care . What this means is we will craft a treatment plan that tackles your symptoms, and any side effects, and adjust the dosage until you are feeling better. We can also recommend supplements that can hone your focus, stave off any side effects, and help you recover. Along with ease of care, they also designed Soho Psychiatry to provide a personalized experience for their patients. Tessa and Mariya believe that every individual has the right to feel seen, heard, and validated. They recognize that sometimes in this fast-paced life in New York City, we often feel overwhelmed, down, or emotional and have difficulty understanding why we feel that way or do not know what to do to feel better. Many people who have not experienced mental health issues are now experiencing them after the pandemic; because of this we are expanding the insurances we take to reach as many people as we can with this growing demand for mental health care.  Soho psychiatrys  goal is to help our customers start living the life that they dreamed of, by taking control of their mental health. We are your support system and will assist you with whatever it takes on your mental health journey.


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