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Ordering and receiving lab work

At soho psychiatry we do not believe in just handing out a script for medication. We realize when someone is emotionally struggling, they may not be up to date on their physicals and physical care. We want to be as thorough as possible and check all avenues before assuming their symptoms are from their mental health. We believe our mental and psychical health are connected. When we physically do not feel good it affects our mental state and vice vera. During an intake at Soho psychiatry if we feel it is necessary our providers may order lab work to check for any deficiencies including vitamins , hormones, inflammatory markers etc. Also, sometimes certain mental health conditions can mimic auto immune issues and other medical disorders. Due to this, at Soho psychiatry we will order lab work and send our clients the slip so they may go to any lab that their insurance is taken at for their convenience. The results will come to your provider at Soho psychiatry, and we will send it to any Drs our clients prefer. We believe in collaboration at soho psychiatry and working together for best possible outcomes.


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