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What are psychiatric nps

Psychiatric nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses with experience and training allowing them to make clinical diagnoses, interpret lab results and findings, prescribe medication, and provide psychotherapy across the life span. As well, perform many other psychiatric services. Psychiatric services refer to their expertise in medication management and evaluation services. Mariya and Tessa are also certified psychopharmacologist meaning they have additional education on psychopharmacology and neurology.

 Often NPs hear, “but you have less schooling then DRs”. This could not be farther from the truth NPs schooling is just broken up differently and requires many years of practice as a nurse delivering medical care prior to being accepted to a NP program. As well, nurse practitioners focus is different from a psychiatrist and involves looking at the whole person and not just one part. These are the main differences between doctors and NPs.

 Along with ease of care they also designed Soho Psychiatry to provide a personalized experience for their patients. Tessa and Mariya believe that every individual has the right to feel seen, heard, and validated. They recognize that sometimes in this fast-paced life in New York City, we often feel overwhelmed, down, or emotional and have difficulty understanding why we feel that way, or do not know what to do to feel better. Many people who have not experienced mental health issues are now experiencing them.

Soho’s view of treatment looks at the whole person in integrating both a biological understanding of an emotion and the psychosocial influence for what may be contributing to a feeling. This allows for an integrative treatment approach that combines psychiatric medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes to help enhance a client’s potential to find balance and live their best life.


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